Do You Know How Datagrid Built A DMS For Yanmar To Increase Sales?

Our Client

  • Yanmar is a global organization having its sales distribution office all across the globe for engines for various equipments
  • They have separate sales offices for every continent and a huge sales channel partner network.

The Challenges

  • The UK operational team was having the challenge to manage the hierarchy of business units, distributors, and dealers
  • There are different distributors for different products. The same dealer can belong to more than 1 distributor. It was not possible to manage this relationship between distributor, dealer & business unit in an excel sheet
  • Due to this, the digital information flow was not up to the mark and creating losses for the company with lower sales
  • It was always difficult to manage this data and hierarchy whenever a new distributor or dealer was appointed or terminated
  • It was difficult to track the update of change in the contact information of a dealer or distributor

The Solution

  • Datagrid in association with I-tee Media solutions (The Netherlands) prepared a custom cloud-based application in Codeigniter based on the LAMP platform
  • An access control system was developed to give access to various entities in the system like Headquarter, Business Units, Distributor & Dealers
  • All these entities can log in and perform the actions like adding/deleting the entities in the lower hierarchy
  • The system is equipped with providing access up to the data level not just at the entity level
  • Yanmar headquarters get an email every day of all dealers & distributors who have been added to the system or whose information has been updated for reconciliation

The Benefits

  • With this platform, Yanmar is now able to manage their channel partners information in a very efficient way
  • A system is designed to send emails in one click to a defined set of users, which has made it easy to promote the offers and new arrivals
  • This is made with a mobile-friendly frontend so that any authorized person can use this from a mobile phone as well
  • All the scattered channel partner’s data is now set in a structured way on this platform which is helping them in doing better sales