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With the increasing implementation of Artificial intelligence in day to day lives, chatbot is the next step in innovation.
Our expert developers are constantly striving to make this innovation reach you in the easiest possible way.
Chatbot helps you be available 24*7 for your customers and reduces your maintenance costs measurably. Chatbots provide data in a structured way so that it can be analysed for maximum and multiple benefits.

Services we Provide:

  • Custom Chatbot Development
    1. We analyse your requirement and current operational flow of your for the process for which chatbot is required. Then we prepare a flow diagram which is as close to your current flow as possible. This is then converted to an automated chatbot which is integrated on your existing software platform.
  • Whatsapp Chatbot Development
    1. Whatsapp is the most used communication channel in todays day and age. We can also integrate your process flow on whatsapp so user does not even need to login to your website to communicate
  • Mobile Application Chatbot Development
    1. If you have a mobile application we can make a chatbot which can be plugged in to your mobile application.
  • Website Chatbot Development
    1. The automated chatbot can be integrated on a simple CMS or HTML website as well if thats what you require
  • Analytics
    1. If required we can provide you with an admin panel where you can see various trends & charts derived from the data collected through chatbots.

At Datagrid our expert development team can create custom chatbots for mobile applications (Native or Hybrid), softwares or integrate with 3rd party API’s like Twigmo, whatsapp, telegram etc.

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