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Lead Generation

Lead Generation is the technique of getting more clients at your doorstep. There are 2 ways in which this can be achieved either PUSH or PULL.

Datagrid strongly believes in pull technique. If a person already looking for your services comes to you then the chances of conversion are much higher. Hence our strategies are majorly built on pull.
There are times when we use push techniques like Mailers, but we plan a strategy to educate the reader about our services and hence increasing his chances of conversion.

lead generation

Lead Generation Company in Mumbai

Every business strives for success. Every business strives for Customers. We deliver them to you. Advertisement can be a costly affair with low ROI, Datagrid offers you a more sophisticated and sensible solution – “Pay when you get leads”. At datagrid, we believe in delivering excellence and with 12+ years of experience, you know you are in good hands. We provide you with direct customer leads, adding direct value to your money and time and increasing your ROI. Lead Generation model works wonders for both big and small companies as it gives them leads of customers who are already interested in their products and services, which reduces both their time and energy. With hundreds of satisfied customers, we have an excellent track record of providing valuable leads that convert to sales and help your business reach new heights of success.

Lead Generation Strategies

Although there are numerous lead generation strategies out there, and they all seem to work for different companies according to their size or business model. We are going to discuss a few lead generation strategies which seem to be most popular and have highest success rates.

  1. Email Marketing: Email marketing has been a favorite amongst the marketers for a long time. It is a sure shot way of reaching customers in an effective and formal manner. It conveys your message to the potential customers clearly. A recent trend in Email marketing has really made it much more effective and smart choice: Marketing Automation.Marketing Automation tools are a mix of email marketing and wonderful technological advancements that modern CRM has to offer. It can automatically send highly personalized emails to targeted set of customers. This makes it a safe and smart option for marketers.
  2. Content Marketing: One increasingly important technique to attract more leads is making content for the web. The content should be interesting, useful and relevant. Marketers use different channels to give content to their audience. Blogs, Videos, Webinars, articles on your website, infographics, online presentations, and microsites are all the mediums through which you can share valuable content with your target audience. The content should be awesome and written in a way that helps the readers and solves their real life problems. It should raise their interest and should also have the ability to go viral. A good content strategy earns the loyalty of audiences which makes it easier to get better leads.You should know which content would work with your audience and it should be synonymous with your brand image. Whether you use blogs, videos or any other content marketing channel, you should try to experiment with various options and decide which one can give you most benefits.
  3. Search Engine MarketingSearch engine marketing is arguably the most important form of lead generation strategy for any company.Most people tend to get search products or services they want on search engines and if you are among the first few options they see or among the first page of google, your chances of getting leads increase dramatically.It is also a fact that 90% of people don’t tend to go beyond page 1 of google searching while searching anything.

Lead Generation Flow

Lead Generation is a process that includes a lot of activities. These activities make the process more successful and thus help in increasing the number of leads and their quality and ultimately increasing sales. The process of Lead generation includes the following steps:

  1. Acquire Leads: The very first step to lead generation is to find out who your target audience is and where they live. Every person has different set of interests and accordingly they tend to surf internet. The browsing patterns of a teenager and a retired government teacher will be different. You need to know which websites and content your audience likes and prefers.
  2. Create content specific to your audience interests, so it reaches them and they are converted to leads. Your content strategy should include a mix of blogs, informational posts, social media posts and all other mediums through which you can interact with your target audiences. Distribute this content to all possible channels and you will get solid and strong leads.
  3. A good content strategy will provide you with a lot of leads to your website. Next part is to get them interested enough so they give their email address. This is important as this gives a direct access to the customer.
  4. Another important thing to keep in mind that the website layout should be very strong and interesting. It is said that the landing page of any website is supposed to bring maximum leads if done right. So making the front page attractive is very important. The front page should have a good user interface so that it contains the links to all social media touch points and also contains ‘call to action’ buttons at any point.
  5. When you have the contact details of the visitors, you can send them personalized deals and offers and try to engage with them. This converts a lot of leads to final sales.

Lead Generation Services by Datagrid

Unlike the other lead generation companies, we apply our expertise in the lead generation and help you get more quality leads which convert to sales. Our team of dedicated and expert professionals help you in not one, but many ways.

  1. Implement SEO Friendly Website and Implementing tweaks to the general website based on visitor’s behavior.
  2. Relevant Content Marketing Plan and Choosing appropriate content for each lead.
  3. Roll Out Social Media for branding and lead generation.
  4. PPC for targeted audience on search engine
  5. Keep you in constant touch with the prospect
  6. Track the behavior of prospect and give appropriate scoring
  7. Customize plan according to your business
  8. Implement best tracking system for calculating accurate ROI
  9. Optimizing the strategy on weekly basis with intense discussion with you
  10. Share weekly report about the performance which will be as good as white paper for your digital marketing

“If you have more money than brains, you should focus on Outbound Marketing. If you have more brains than money, you should focus on Inbound Marketing.”

How do we generate quality traffic on your website?

seo search

Implement SEO Friendly Website

relevant content

Relevant Content Marketing Plan

social media

Role Out Social Media for branding and lead generation


PPC for targeted audience
on search engine

How do we improve user engagement ?


Targeted content according to your product or services

digi comp

Implementing tweaks to the general website based on visitor’s behavior

expert user

Our expert user experience team works on UI to make it more acceptable to the visitor branding and lead generation

How do we convert visitor engagement into a lead?

register now

Making “Call To Action” easily available
at any point of website surfing.

allow user

Allow user to contact with all possible
available medias

How do we help you in nurturing the lead?

constant touch

Keep you in constant touch
with the prospect.

choose appropriate

Choose appropriate
content for each lead

track behaviour

Track the behavior of prospect
and give appropriate scoring

How do we enhance your ROI?

customise plan

Customize plan according
to your business

tracking system

Implement best tracking system
for calculating accurate ROI


Optimizing the strategy on weekly basis with intense discussion with you

weekly reports

Share weekly report about the performance which will be as good as whitepaper for your digital marketing

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