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SMS Campaign

SMS ( Short Message Service) is the best tool for Direct Marketing. It catches the attention of the user immediately and hence best for time bound campaigns like flash sales for ecommerce. SMS Campaign is fast and easy, since no graphic is required. A simple creative text will serve the purpose.

SMS campaigns have extremely high open and opt-in rates, and help you reach a broad customers base. Not everyone has a smartphone, but virtually everyone has a phone with texting capabilities. Over 90{e00f5bcfbcc1efbf7e80b233460380c4d901d9488dd683d6959baa71a6a129d1} of SMS messages are read within 3 minutes of receipt. It is very important to send SMS to right people at the right time with right content and proper Call To Action. At Datagrid, we have very good affiliate partners who can provide quality data for these campaigns. We also help our clients to write precise content and use best operator for prompt delivery.

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