The Top 5 benefits of Email Marketing

Businesses have always been dependent on marketing, and there’s not much that has changed today; except, of course, for the fact that the marketing techniques have evolved. Email marketing is one such approach which not only promises great outreach but also, eventually, impacts the business positively. There are a few things, however, to be kept in mind before setting up the entire procedure of Email marketing in place.
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Why People Give Up in Startups

Startups don’t fail because startups are risky. Startups fail because their founders often give up. One of the many reasons why the spark diminishes.
Even though the dream to build a startup has never been stronger (or more socially acceptable), most people succumb to low self-confidence and still see the whole undertaking as a house of cards.
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Have You Heard? Memes are Your Best Bet To Grow

What’s a Meme, Really?

“Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but about the stories you tell” – Seth Godin. When Netflix released its much-awaited web series ‘Sacred Games’, in just a few days, the internet got flooded with Memes on social media. They are a major part of the content consumed and shared on social media, But what exactly are Memes? The term Meme is used to describe a cultural idea or trend that circulates and grows in popularity. They are one of the most popular forms of expression. It’s one of the greatest engaging content on social media. Even if Memes are entertaining, easy to interact, it seems like using memes is a tricky decision for a brand — or is it?
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Skyrocket your Business with Google Marketing Platform

We can never grow tired of Google, can we? On 10th July, 18 they launched Google Marketing Platform for digital marketers and agencies across the world with an aim of revolutionizing not only the online advertising space but also help businesses finally understand their audience better and grow.

Ever since it launched its online marketing platform Google Adwords on October 23, 2000, startups, businesses and corporates from all over the world during these 18 or so years have made use of their technologies to not only create brand awareness about their products/services but also managed to survive and even grow significantly.

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5 Reasons to hire an SEO Expert for your business

Hire an SEO Expert

If you are involved in any kind of business and striving towards attracting more customers, so that your business can flourish as per your expectations and desires, internet marketing is probably one of the best options for you. Today, the world has evolved a lot and internet is the heart and brain of the world; everyone is some way or the other connected to the internet. Online marketing is an excellent way of reaching out to potential customers, and it helps strengthen the online presence of your business.One common technique in this modern day marketing approach, as employed by millions, is to hire an SEO Expert.

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