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Skyrocket your Business with Google Marketing Platform

We can never grow tired of Google, can we? On 10th July, 18 they launched Google Marketing Platform for digital marketers and agencies across the world with an aim of revolutionizing not only the online advertising space but also help businesses finally understand their audience better and grow.

Ever since it launched its online marketing platform Google Adwords on October 23, 2000, startups, businesses and corporates from all over the world during these 18 or so years have made use of their technologies to not only create brand awareness about their products/services but also managed to survive and even grow significantly.

Various other products like Analytics, Tag Manager, Adsense, Ad Exchange & Data Studio followed Adwords that the market desperately needed to reach their audience and secure their user’s privacy at the same time.

But as all companies must continuously evolve and never settle down, Google has now decided to integrate all of their digital marketing products under one hub. Introducing its brand new product Google Marketing Platform built only for businesses, corporates, ad agencies and digital marketers to manage all their ad campaigns easily.

So, Why Google Marketing Platform has launched exactly??

To sum it up, now marketers will be able to target the right audience using Display & Video 360 and Search Ads 360 and track & analyze their targeting audience performance using Analytics, Tag Manager, Surveys, Data Studio & Optimize. Each of these features brings in more control to the advertiser to run effective campaigns and analyze the traffic and audience behavior and insights to make smarter decisions.

Let’s start with Google Marketing Platform?

Starting with GMP is easy. Just follow these simple steps and you’ll be up and running immediately.

1. If you are a digital marketer, just head on to their website by clicking here.
2. Next, just click “Sign In to Google Marketing Platform” button at the center of your page.
3. By Default, you get most features as explained earlier but in case you don’t, then you can simply talk to their Sales Team and request for Free Trial.
4. Once signed in, you can access their dashboard and all the available products for free.

We at Datagrid Solutions not only keep ourselves constantly updated with the latest digital marketing news and trending stories around the globe but also improve our internal processes that are aligned with these tools.

So if you are a startup & have an innovative product or an amazing service and are just looking to work with someone who can take your business to the next level, just drop us an email or comment below and someone from our Sales Team will connect with you to provide you with the right solution.

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