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The ‘How Tos’ Behind Website Designing!

How to design the website?

Visitors often judge how a website looks before reading its content. If they immediately don’t like your design or are confused by it, they will leave, so design plays a huge role in people’s perception of your business and it’s credibility.

While redesigning your website the focus should be on Colors, Typefaces, graphics, Visual Hierarchy, Navigability, Consistency, Accessibility, User-Centricity, use of legible fonts which anyone read quickly and easily, with the proper letter and line spacing, use of size and font weight to differentiate between headings, subheadings, and paragraphs. Here our Ultimate goal of redesigning a website is not only to improve the aesthetics of your website but also create conversions and achieve your business goals.

How to write content for my website?

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For any business maintaining a strong online presence is crucial to its success. A website plays an essential role when it comes to reaching new prospects, building credibility and increasing your brand value. In the current digital world, digital media and smartphones, a poorly executed website can be the reason of losing potential clients.
Every day we work with many such businesses who need to update their website. They often have similar issues & questions for their website. This prevents them from tapping this digital asset (a.k.a website) to its maximum benefit.

Here, we take a look at the 3 most common questions related to making your website and how we can help you overcome them:

The average time a person spends on a website is 30 seconds. He takes about 5-10 seconds to decide if he wants to continue reading the content on the current page or move on to the next page.

So if the content of your website is unable to define your business in a crisp manner then your website may not be able to fulfill its purpose. If you are thinking about website redesign the website content should be your priority. Here are some tips for creating web page content that engages:

  • Make Your Website Content Valuable and Relevant – When users type a topic into a search engine, they expect the search engine results to provide information relevant to their search. If they click on your site and find irrelevant or outdated information, they will bounce from your site to the next result to find what they need. So here the first task is to make your website content valuable and relevant.
  • Write Content For Your Audience – If the content of your website is not readable and engaging for your visitors, then there is a chance that you may lose your prospects. After all, your goal is to convert visitors into customers. Use a conversational tone to connect with your audience and avoid fluff and marketing jargon.

    How to improve user experience?

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    If your site is misconfigured for smartphone users or you just simply don’t have a mobile-friendly option for consumers you may see a drop in your website rankings. Almost every new client these days wants a mobile version of their website. A responsive website will help you to get Improved User Experience, Faster Download Speed, Engagement and Context, Improved Search/SEO performance, Portability and Connectivity, New Advertising Opportunities.

    Conclusion – And that’s a wrap! It’s definitely isn’t always easy to design and maintain a website but if you follow the above mentioned real-time insights for your website then it can help solve all problem as you move forward with your website in the new year.

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