Live Event Coverage of CII IWN 2nd WomeNation Summit

A brand aimed at empowering the women in India, the CII Indian Women Network (IWN) has played a crucial role in the overall well-being of the women in this country since 2013. Thus, when Datagrid was approached by CII IWN to do the live event coverage of 2nd WomeNation Event; it was really a great honor for them. It was the time for Datagrid to prove itself in front of a respectable brand like CII IWN.

A premier digital marketing agency, Datagrid has always been in the forefront for providing highest quality data for marketing services across the country and be the flag-bearer for Digital India. So, covering the 2nd WomeNation Event organized by CII IWN was a challenge that Datagrid was ready to take. And so they thrived hard and used all the known techniques to utilize the power of social media to provide a live event coverage successfully. Needless to say, this respectable digital marketing company in India carried out its job successfully in not just making this event more renowned and successful but also to add a new feather to their already glorious crown.

Live event coverage
The objective was to create awareness for CII IWN 2nd WomeNation Summit: Inspire for Action event and gain audience engagement and reach. The process involved making optimum use of the hashtag feature on Twitter for creating brand awareness and reach out to the maximum number of audience and make it a trend by using a #CII WomeNation hashtag. The event was successfully executed in two steps:


Live event coverage and team allocation.
1 Full day Hackathon on how to utilize Twitter to create maximum buzz.
Twitter conversation Analysis.
Hashtag event “ #CII WomenNation” creation.

Step 2:

Using Twitter and generating excitement before, during and after the event
Live tweet of the proceedings from the event and using the # feature popularity of all the entrepreneurs, CEO and social activists.
Live speeches and Q&A videos of Corporate speakers like Ms.Pallavi Jha, Ms.Rohini Iyer and many more.
live event coverage
The event turned out to be a huge success on Twitter with over 9 million impressions and 4 million Twitter reach. The major contributors to this event include some famous Bollywood celebrities and social activists such as singer Shaan and Sanjay Jha respectively. The reach of Confederation of Indian Industry is extensive and through Indian Women Network, members hope to provide a platform for women to discuss issues, opportunities at workplaces and learn from each other’s experiences.
“Achieving Sustainable Development has always been the goal, especially in a country like India. It is very important that women are empowered so that they can play their role in social, economic and political factors. Datagrid have successfully managed to deliver this message and create awareness across all sections of the society. We would like to thank CII IWN for giving us the opportunity to work on this project to the best of our ability. The event was a big success and the team is looking forward to many more opportunities to come so that they can continue to deliver quality services and achieve best ROI for their clients.”- Mr. Deepak Jain (Director of Datagrid Solutions)
Datagrid takes immense pleasure in digitalizing the live event coverage of the 2nd WomeNation summit on Twitter. Being a completely client oriented digital marketing agency, they are known for delivering the highest quality services to their clients. It was a great opportunity for the team to combine their technological skills with innovative ideas and make this event a huge success.

Visit the CIIIWN Case Study page for more information on the event.


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